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"Learn The Secret About Fear"
Hi, my name is Brian Lovegrove and welcome to UnleashYourFear.com.

In the next few minutes you are going to discover how people like you from all over the country are no longer letting fear hold them back. 

So what is holding you back?  99% of the time it is some form of fear. Procrastination, paralysis by analysis, and distractions are all rooted in fear.  Get your copy now and learn how to turn your fears around and use them to propel you towards your goals and dreams.

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Our latest email from a reader:
Thank you Brian. Let me tell you right off the bat that I have down loaded many free books but this one if full of information that is full of straight to the point information that has all the useless fat trimmed away. We create so much of our own fears that are just slowing us down and keep us from success because it's always easier to just be "comfortable" . After reading the book I started to face my fears of starting my new business. It's exhilarating to just embrace it move forward and enjoy the ride. I wish I had this book sooner. Page 21 is my favorite because you use signs as a metaphor and since I am a sign painter and designer for over 34 years it just made so much sense. Thank you for helping me through the terror barrier and begin a new and fantastic journey. I highly recommend this book to anyone who has a fear whether about business or personal that wants to understand that fear and meet it head on. Take your life to a new level with this book! 

If you see an offer to pick up the audio book at a savings I highly recommend you take it so you can listen to it as you drive to and from work or anywhere else to keep it fresh on your mind as you deal with any fear you my have.
I am grateful and will continue to reread this book many times in the future.
Best to you Brian. Have an Awesome future.

Wayne M. 
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results you want?
How often do the results you produce not measure up to what you want?

Are you struggling to perform at the level you know you are capable of?

Most people want more out of their lives but don't do anything to change their situation. Likely they know how, but are unwilling to do what is needed to move beyond their comfort zone.

Read the book to find out why.
What's holding 
you back?
Are you suffering from procrastination? Doubt? Inexperience? Fears?

Most of the time you fail because of some form of fear. Fear of rejection, failure, success, looking stupid or silly, making mistakes, conflict, etc, etc, etc.
 We call it the Big Ugly Monster. 

How would things change if you  made Fear your friend and ally?

Read the book to find out how.
Want to know how & what to change?
Are you wanting to get unstuck?

Want more   (fill in the blank)  ?

Learn how to make the necessary changes you need to achieve your goals and dreams. Turn Fear into a force that drives you forward, not the thing holding you back.

Unleash Your Fear shows you how and what you need to do to dramatically improve your results and therefore your life and fulfillment.
What People are saying about UNLEASH YOUR FEAR . . .
Your book Unleash Your Fear arrived at the most perfect time. I have been working through personal issues for decades. Your book resonated with me immediately. I made a commitment to read Unleash Your Fear and participate 100% in answering the questions honestly. What was interesting is I became more aware of deeper patterns of avoidance and wrote them down on my notebook. The next day I completed the exercises and reading UNLEASH YOUR FEAR. The results were very insightful. The next day, I began working with a wonderful coach I have known for years.
The changes that occurred from who I was to who I am now are truly life altering. Today I did my disciplines with joy, commitment, excitement and ease. I am fearless in what I am doing.
Sometimes we never know how we impact someone's life. I wanted to make sure you knew how much you impacted mine. I am very grateful for your wonderful book.
Anna L. 
Your book was very helpful…well written and filled with good tips for improving one’s life.  

Thank you for writing it, and I know many will benefit from the wisdom you enthusiastically share. I’m hoping my brother takes advantage of this offer, for one. I’m extremely happy you are successful in your desire to help others turn their lives around. I’m so glad you exist, Brian!!! Your book indicates you have undoubtedly learned Zig Ziglar’s lessons well.   
Pat H.
EXCELLENT!! This is actually what I always struggle with. I am feeling a little uncomfortable about the 3 events at work that I have coming up. My fight or flight is ALWAYS triggered.
Your book is really easy to listen to. Your tone and voice are soothing and interesting to hear.
We all need to understand the reasons we failed so we don’t make the same mistakes twice.
Cheryl A.
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